December 8, 2016 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

I know, I know… I’ve been terrible about posting updates ‘n’ such.

The boyfriend is deploying with his unit next year and will be gone for 9+ months. We have plenty of time between now and then, though I know it will creep up on us. I don’t look forward to it. Jeff completed his military service before we got together, so all this is new to me. He’s a good guy, so I’d like to keep him around. Travis certainly needs him around. He’s been very good for Travis – encouraging him, educating him, playing with him, doing gross guy stuff with him. Travis and I understand though that this is what he is compelled to do and would likely not be a very happy camper if he couldn’t do it.

All is well. The kids are good. I’m convinced my middle child has been abducted by aliens and the alien-in-teenager-skin will unzip any second now and devour us all. She’s been doing very well in school. Get this – when her friends were going out (to Buc-ee’s, but still), she said she had homework to do and stayed home! She still needs a job though.

The oldest is enjoying her classes at TCC – Government is boring, Biology is kinda interesting, and Psychology is very interesting. Still no job, but I’m talking her into a volunteer position in the library at Travis’s school. It would be perfect for her. This is the kid who needs ever so gentle prodding or she digs in her heels and becomes Stonehenge. So, I figure a volunteer thing close to home in a familiar place would be good. It would give her a taste of getting out into the “work” force and having to answer to someone, have duties.

Travis is still such a happy kid. We had a little bumpy start to the school year. For repeating a grade, he just didn’t have the focus and sense of urgency that he should have. I believe he is back on track now and we have partnered with his teachers so the poor kid is getting no slack!

I really struggle with Travis. Even before he was born, he had issues. I had two “bleeds”, the second of which prompted his delivery a month early. I believe those bleeds deprived him of oxygen and/or blood flow and caused a stroke or brain damage. I wonder though what the extent of the damage is, if it is repairable and if so, how? His failing is reading. If he will just never get it, fine, but how will we know he just won’t get it? Do we continue to push and push, try different tests, tutors, teaching styles, like trying to shove a square peg in a round hole? I’d love nothing more than someone to be able to test Travis, tell me “this is what’s wrong…”, and “this is what he needs to fix it…” or “he will always have this difficulty”. I hate that he struggles. I hate not knowing how to help him or if he can be helped. We are pursuing an assessment at Texas Scottish Rite, the same hospital where he has had therapy and surgery for his clubbed feet. Their specialty is dyslexia, but they can assess the full gamut. I desperately need direction and I’m hoping they can provide it.

My major project is mostly complete. The idiotic plant ledge is gone, the closet above the archway is complete and the stone around the fireplace is done. I still need to make the mantle and touch up some things on the brick around the fireplace. I’m VERY pleased with how things turned out.

Before and After: AFTER (top) and BEFORE (bottom):

I have many other projects on the horizon. The boyfriend says he is afraid to go away too long, for fear I’ll remove walls and other major structures. I think this was the biggest project and it’s done, so anything subsequent will be a piece of cake