Back in the Hospital

August 20, 2013 in Lymphoma by Jeffry Reed

Round 6 of 8.

This is the dose I really hate….Methotrexate. The Yellow Devil. I’m in Room 734 7th Floor Harris Downtown Tower…..Bored if anybody wants to come by. I’ll be here through Thursday.

So far no nausea, I was really dreading that and looks like I’ll be doing ok for the week. White blood cells are back up from 0.004 on Wednesday so risk of infection is low for now. Hemoglobin is way down again, as well as platelets, so I’ll be getting more blood for sure. And more steroids……..I really hate those things.

I feel so fat and bloated. I have two wishes – remission and weight loss. My face feels and looks like a puffy mess. With no eyebrows now I hardly recognize myself. I keep poking my fat face in the mirror. I look friggen gross.

I need sun AND exercise…..both are impossible at this point. I want off the steroids more than I want off the chemo……they won’t let me sleep, they give you extreme hunger pangs that are so bad you’d put ketchup on a chair and eat it with smile then wonder why you are still hungry. They bloat the shit out of you and make you swell. I just want to pull my hair out…..But I don’t have any. Anywhere.

My digestive tract is jacked too. OMG the stories you don’t want to know. AUUUGHHH. There are so many side effects people don’t talk about……

Anybody feel like bitching moaning ….today is a good day. I’m there with you…..let’s just have a good conversation and let it all out. Everybody has problems, let’s just get it off our chests.