Back to Houston

October 6, 2013 in Lymphoma by Jeffry Reed

Leaving in the morning……

Will be there for two days. More tests and more chemo. I’ve lost 13 lbs this week. I have not been this sick since April. I’ve thrown up and well……had it coming out at both ends.

I’ve had lots of comments on how healthy I’ve looked while on chemo because of my weight. That was all steroids. Now I think they found a dose that makes me look like a cancer patient. I’ve been miserable all week. Many people say hang in there because it’s so easy to say.

If Dr. Kevorkian would have come by this week I would have let him hook me up. I know I have to be strong and fight but damn. Anybody want to trade places for a week to give me a break?

Saturday the nausea finally left but another symptom showed up. I’m white as a ghost. I passed out in the bathroom and broke the toilet seat………between no food and no blood I’m a mess. Today was better but I’m still pretty white. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be given some transfusions tomorrow… head looks grey and pasty and my hands are so white I could scare the kids on Halloween passing out candy without dressing up.

This was by far one of the worst weeks. No more chemo pills for two weeks so maybe that will help? I dunno…..This shit better be working and shrinking my tumor because I’m giving it all I have. There isn’t anything left unless they just knock my ass out in a hospital.

Anyhow……I’ll try to update again while in Houston tomorrow.