Bionic Grandma

May 17, 2014 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

My mom had hip replacement surgery Thursday and is doing very well. I call her the bionic grandma. She is impressing the nurses and doctors. She’s just amazing. I hope I have her strength and energy when I’m her age! It’s been really weird being back at Harris Hospital. I didn’t think there would be a “thing” about being there. I had taken my neighbor for a day surgery at another hospital a couple months ago and she said she was reluctant to ask me to take her, what with putting me in a hospital environment again after everything I’d been through with Jeff. I poo-pooed her and said I was a pro at this hospital stuff. I didn’t have a problem then. Being with Mom, back in the same hospital, sitting in the same surgical waiting room (even in the same seat until I moved), has triggered some unpleasant flashbacks. At least she’s not in the same area of the hospital as Jeff was. Thankfully, she goes home today.

Oh, I fixed my daughter’s computer! I’m pretty tech savvy, but Jeff has always been the hardware/network guy. I handle the software. I properly diagnosed my daughter’s computer problem as a bad video card and replaced it last night without a hitch. Now I get my home office back 🙂

Travis has been invited to participate in summer school for most of June. I want to give him every opportunity to keep up with (and maybe surpass!) his peers, so I took the school district up on the invitation. I’ve also arranged for him to get continued speech therapy over the summer and a couple weeks of summer camp. Boredom is the enemy!!

I had a dream last night that I was in a giant pharmacy – like a Walgreen’s but convention center size. (I tend to have really dumb, boring dreams.) I kept looking for cotton balls and saw myself walking right by MILLIONS of them. I sat down to rest and there was Jeff, kneeling beside me and he laid his head in my lap. He had thick, wavy hair! I ran my fingers through it and just said “Damn, I’m glad you’re back.” He didn’t speak. It’s like he was there, but not really. I hugged and kissed him, but he still didn’t speak. He did help me find the cotton balls, though.