Birthday and Cancer

April 30, 2013 in Lymphoma by Jeffry Reed

So, I never thought to ask, what does somebody with cancer want for their birthday?  To not have cancer? Duh?

On one of the forums I go to, a question was asked, would you rather have aids than cancer? Sick question to ask but it really got me to thinking…hrmm..

And the poll results were overwhelming in favor of aids. So this group of people would rather have aids than cancer?  The number 1 reason was everybody knew somebody that died with cancer but nobody has died from aids in a long time, at least that they knew of and cancer killed everything and everybody.

So I’m thinking wow. All the free time I have, this is the kinda stuff I get into. Idle hands…… personally I’ll take the cancer. At least mine is curable…Right?

So what do I want? I want there to be no surgery. I’ve talked with a few people that had the same issue and as the tumor shrank it left holes in their intestines and stomach where the tumor had attached.

I want it to shrink and there be no problems. If I could ask for one thing I really want, that would be it. It’s a simple request based on hope. Either it will happen or it won’t. I just hope it won’t.

Normally I’d be hitting the gun stores in search of the Elusive PMR30 .22 magnum pistol for my birthday, or a new scope, or something I can use to blast something else with.

Funny how life changes things.  Now, it’s about blasting something inside me. I want it out of me and I don’t  want to have to deal with surgery.

This Birthday is significant. It’s like starting over…every year from here on out will be based on this one. ..the year I beat cancer. When I’m 75 I’ll think it’s been 30 years since I had cancer. So I’m not 45, it’s more like I’m 1. Every year from here forward is a gift. I hope I can make the most of it.