Busy bee

April 24, 2014 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

WHEW! Our home is undergoing quite a transformation! My wonderful friends worked hard on the fence and have most of it done. Awesome work!!


SUCH a helper!


POP of color 🙂

I decided to paint the kitchen. I think I’ll invest in a paint sprayer because that has touched off more painting ideas. I also decided to replace the baseboards. So that has kicked off a huge project that should keep me busy for quite a while. I have been gradually replacing the builder-grade gold/chrome fixtures in the house and just replaced the entryway chandelier and a hall light. I’m quite pleased with myself 🙂

I took Kristen and Travis to “Music on the Patio” in Keller last night and heard Emerald City Band. They’re a very energetic, fun band! If you ever get the opportunity, check them out. They play in Dallas quite often.20140423_192328

I’ll get Travis signed up for a couple weeks of summer camp and have Kristen signed up for dance. I’m trying to talk her into gymnastics again too because she is so darn good at it! Maybe Alex will even do an art camp… we’ll see.

Jeff would be shaking his head at me as I flit around the house from project to project, saying “Yes, dear, that looks great”, but I think he also appreciated that I don’t sit on my behind for long.