Chemo Brain

May 9, 2013 in Lymphoma by Jeffry Reed

I’m getting dumber by the minute.

I’m not kidding. There really is a condition called chemo brain. It’s kinda funny……thank god for Google. I’d be totally worthless without it.

I’m using the Google Chrome web browser to write this because it has the auto correct for spelling. Or at least shows you the words to correct….if you can remember the words to begin with.

I started and stopped several conversations today…..and just ..oh well. I can’t remember so let’s jump categories and pick “I forgot For $300 Alex”

I forget the simple stuff…….I know I’m on a certain drug, I’ll say it 18 times then all of a sudden…..I can’t remember it’s even a drug, much less the name of it or what the hell it’s for. Then I’ll remember It was for something good, like sleep, and I’ll make up some random name for it and hope people around me are smart enough to decipher whatever word I spewed came close to something printed in the medical dictionary.

After several trials and errors we will get to it and the name like…..Ativan (lorazepam) will jog my memory,  and boy am I happy……it’s a lot of work. At least I feel I’ve earned it. And with that said, I’m going to get some Ativan now since I know what it’s called…again….. and I’m going to sleep.

Oh, and I get to go home tomorrow…..Friday..Friday….woo hoo!!