Day 2

April 13, 2013 in Lymphoma by adminrcr

Flowers from Mom

Flowers and chocolates from Mom

Jeff had a rough night last night. His pain is not easily managed.

His hemoglobin was down to 6.9 this morning. Previous level was 7.9. Dr. Gleason says this could be due to the IV fluids he is getting, but he is getting one unit of blood.

Jeff is at least keeping food down, so the diet is out the window. He’s eating all the junk he wants right now since he will “lose lots of weight with chemo”. We’ve all told him this is a rather drastic diet he has chosen.

He’s pretty worn out, just not sleeping and getting little pain relief. He is still in good spirits, up walking around and chatty as ever.

I’m hanging in there. I don’t wait well. I’d like a plan.

Visitors today: Carlos San Martin, Carla and Haley Peveto, Dr. Don Watenpaugh, Shannon Watenpaugh, Dr. Connelly, Ginny Gromacki, Gary and Lisa Burdick, Dr. Stuart McDonald, Dr. Suri