December 9, 2017

February 13, 2018 in Lymphoma by adminrcr

I’m catching up, in a way. Another post that I’m copying from elsewhere:

All is well in our household. Hard to believe it’s been four years. I took the day off yesterday, as I do every year, and did some baking. I also got started on a couple Christmas gift projects.

I recently completed my office/library project.

The husband now has Jeff’s reloading room mostly to himself and is grateful for the space. I still have my sewing machine in there but there’s nowhere else to put it at the moment.

The kids are doing well, though Travis is currently fighting a cold. The girls are almost done with the fall semester at community college. Kristen is doing well at her job.

We’re fortunate to have our loved ones around us, food on the table, and a roof over our heads. This year has been rough for many. Hell, the little scuffles that broke out with the mere idea of a gas shortage after the hurricane (we’re in North Texas) made me remember that desperation can bring out the worst in people. Again, we’re fortunate we have our heads on straight!

Love to all!