May 12, 2013 in Lymphoma by Jeffry Reed

All I can think about is detoxifying….

I spent a week getting pumped full of chemo and now it’s on my mind to get it back out. I’m not sure if it’s instinct or because of the way it’s making me feel or what. I just want to drink water and purify my body.

I know it’s killing “cancer” cells yet I am sitting here lit up on the couch obsessing over it. One of the mixes they give you is Adriamycin (hydroxydoxorubicin) a.k.a Red Devil, well…. because it is red. It looks like a bag of Kool-Aid sitting there only this doesn’t come busting through a wall with a smile and a sugary drink with a dozen happy children running around playing in the sun.

It makes your pee red. It makes you tired, and it makes your hair fall out. It makes you feel like crap. It tells you that you have cancer, it points it out blatantly and sticks it’s nose up at you and I guess I just want it back out. It took 24 hours to put it in…….it’s going to take at least that long to get it back out, right? Probably doesn’t work that way…..I know it’s more complicated and your body absorbs it but hell…..

After about 20 glasses of water today…. well I finally am peeing clear so I feel like I did something successful. I want to say Ha! Screw you, you fkn chemo red shit. I pissed you away, and kiss my ass. And take that fkn tumor with you when you go.