Finally, back home

June 23, 2013 in Lymphoma by Jeffry Reed

Had to stay an extra day. I was so set on getting home on Saturday, but when I woke up and saw my Red Devil bag was not even 1/2 way empty, I knew it was a 24 hour bag and not a 12 hour bag.

Yes, I dropped the F bomb. You know when you get your heart set on doing something or going somewhere and then you find  out that’s not what is going to happen? Talk about being bummed. I don’t know how those nurses go up to that hospital everyday and deal with patients day in and day out. How do the Doctors do it?

As a patient I can’t wait to get out of there. I guess some people are pretty sick and need to be there and want to be there. I want to get healthy and get out….seriously I don’t want to be there a minute longer than I need to be. Thing that sucks is when you are on Chemo you can’t even leave the floor because your medicine is a bio hazard and if there is an accident they are trained to clean it up. Don’t want to be in the Cramer Cafe’ with a leaky bag I guess….

Anyhow I’m out, peeing red again, trying to detoxify. Looks like another week of anti nausea meds and then a week of quarantine  as my white blood cells and neutrophils go to zero. All I ask is I stay healthy this time so I don’t have to make an unscheduled stop to the hospital for antibiotics. Do I sound spoiled or just anti hospital?

Seriously I want to stay out for a while…..please please please….

Hopefully my daily dose of bactrim and avoiding everybody will work.