GOOD-BYE 2013!!!

January 1, 2014 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

IMAG5717As I sit here, clock ticking down the last moments of 2013, and think back on all that has happened, I’m almost numb. It’s simply mind-boggling. This year has revolved around cancer and its ravages. I remember feeling so stunned at Jeff’s diagnosis, yet positive he could beat it. He had always come through once he put his mind on the problem.

All that chemo. All those days spent in the hospital. All the spectacular nurses we met. All those blood and platelet transfusions. Meeting other phenomenal people dealing with cancer too. The x-rays, CT and PET scans. All the bad news. All the trips to Houston. All the tests. All the needles. The day on the beach – that one peaceful, glorious day on the beach. Jeff basking in the sun and surf, sitting too close to the tide, his butt completely soaked, goofy hat on, toes and fingers in the sand. All the pills. Wheelchairs. All the retching. All the pain. All the constipation and diarrhea. Afraid to eat. Afraid to move. All the sleepless nights. No energy but full of fight. He moved a huge online community which returned his blessings tenfold. Things left undone and unsaid. All the quiet conversations. All the choices. Then… no choices. Nothing left. 

This humpty-dumpty just couldn’t be put together again.

Jeff made a DIFFERENCE during his short time with us. He left a legacy. He was larger than life, even fading away in that hospice room. We are forever changed because of him. Our family has been embraced by complete strangers and we are better for it. Jeff lives on in us and he will not be forgotten.

The kids and I sipped some sparkling beverage and toasted to new beginnings. Shed lots of tears. 2013 can kiss my ass. Happy New Year y’all. 😛

Music by my favorite female artist, P!nk.