Good times

March 12, 2014 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

Jeff, the kids and I had launched a toy rocket many moons ago and Travis loved it, the girls not-so-much. I had never seen a toy rocket launch and was skeptical but it was fun following the rocket and trying to meet it at its landing spot. I came across the rocket while I was cleaning some months ago and even found some engines. Travis was thrilled and was ready to launch it immediately. 20140311_13211720140311_133205The parachute had melted, so I bought a new rocket and invited our friends to head to the park the next day. I figured out how everything went together and, I have to say, it was probably as much fun for me as it was for the kids. Well, I found MORE engines recently and yesterday was perfect (though windy) so we went to the park and launched the rocket twice before the wind carried it and we lost it. No biggie, we just took a detour to the playground, watched the kids wear themselves out and enjoyed the sunshine.

The girls and I talked Travis into seeing Frozen. He is very particular about his movies and for some reason was very reluctant to see the movie. He finally told me he was afraid of the snow monster that he saw in the preview. I reminded him it’s just a movie and we would just melt that guy anyway. As soon as the movie ended he said, rather loudly, “I LIKED IT!” Just today he said we needed to buy the movie on Amazon when it’s available.

20140312_190648The house has been invaded by teenagers tonight (Kristen and her friends), so I’m letting them have the living room, while I’m relegated to my office. It’s nice to hear them laughing, joking and having fun. Ah, to be young again! Nah, I don’t need to relive that…

And check out the lovely Celtic pendant I received from my sweet in-laws. It’s a triskele (Google it, it has many meanings, though the meaning I like is past-present-future). St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner. It would have also been our 13th wedding anniversary.