Home again

April 19, 2013 in Lymphoma by adminrcr

We’re home! Thank you again to everyone who visited. Jeff knows he’s loved and it means everything to see familiar faces (and to show off and brag about the size of his tumor)! We’re already scheduled for lab work for the next two weeks and will see Dr. Oommen on May 1st. We’ll get the PET scan scheduled for next week.

Jeff is really stressed about how “fluffy” he is already with taking the Prednisone. I thought I was going to have to hurt him! I told him his weight will fluctuate just a bit over the coming months. There will be plenty of opportunity for weight loss. The goal is killing cancer, not losing weight right now.

We now need to watch for fever, stay away from crowds and sick people, and control nausea.

Visitors today: Dr. Burk, Dr. Gleason, Dr. Reddy.