It’s been a while…

July 20, 2017 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

Kristen graduated! It was touch-and-go there for a bit, but she did it! Her senior year was fairly easy, at least compared to her freshman through junior years. Her schedule was lighter and perhaps allowed her the time she needed for both school and socializing. That girl is a bear without her friends!

Our beloved Manx cat, Smudge, got cancer and we had him put to sleep. He was the only social cat we had and a great hunter. Before we adopted him in 2007, we fostered him and Jeff nursed him to health by force-feeding him with raw egg and oatmeal in a children’s medicine syringe. He was still just a tiny “smudge” of a kitten when we adopted him. RIP, Smudge.

Alex voted for spice cake for Jeff’s birthday this year. Now that I think of it, I think she did that last year, too. Regardless of the cake flavor, we continue to remember Jeff and miss him dearly.

Finally, that “some day” I mentioned in my last post came pretty quickly! We got married on May 29th, Memorial Day! We only had a few months to plan, but I think the wedding was very nice and intimate.

Let me back up a bit… I thought we’d wait until he got back from deployment to get married, but then I quit being so stubborn and dumb. I realized he (we) would get more benefits if he deployed as a married man and figured it would be stupid to pass that up, so I thought about getting married in August. But then Jeff’s parents were coming down from Washington for Kristen’s graduation in May, so we bumped the date up to coordinate with their time here to save them a second trip to Texas. Then the deployment fell through, but we stuck with the date.

Fun facts about the wedding:

  • Greg’s ring is from an AR-15 gas block (of course).
  • Travis was Ring Security.
  • I gave Greg a “back-up” wedding ring which has two Lego studs on it. (The image is a 3-D rendering.) It was 3-D printed out of silver.
  • Jeff’s mom was my Matron of Honor and kicked ass on the hors d’oeuvres!
  • I made a wedding arch out of the lumber that previously bordered the vegetable garden, planted flower beds, made outdoor curtain rods and curtains, planted more flowers, and we cleaned gutters, put up gutter guards, and trimmed many, many branches.
  • Kristen was the photographer and Alex was the music director.
  • We live-streamed the wedding but it was pretty glitchy. We need to edit it and then I’ll provide a link.
  • We had 43 people total at the wedding, including the wedding party.
  • Though we asked for no gifts, we volunteered that Home Depot (bride) or Bud’s Gun Shop (groom) gift cards would be appreciated. We cleaned up on Home Depot gift cards. We have very generous friends and family!

We are settling in to married life. I have commenced to driving him crazy. Bwah ha ha haaaa!

I started this post a few weeks ago. Just last night I asked the husband if he had a bucket list. He said he always wanted to be a husband and father and threw up his arms and said “Done!” I’m still astounded that this man believes I am the one worthy of his time for the rest of his life. He has stopped searching and has settled down with me?!?!? (and Travis) He is truly a gem. I’m not a bad catch either…