March 21, 2014 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

The end of a so – so week… A second glass of wine is well-deserved while Travis and I watch Frozen for the Nth time.

Talk of someone’s life being saved with a bone marrow transplant on the radio this morning brought me to tears. Touching story I’m sure, but i couldn’t listen to it. I was saddened, thinking if only…

Work is busy, busy. Travis has allergy issues that evidently make him nauseated. Kristen is constantly wanting to be carted here and there to meet her social “obligations”, Alex just got her first jury summons!

I was hoping to replace the front door and was informed that the city of Fort Worth requires a permit. I’ll have to once again ask for my handyman’s (Carlos) help installing the door. I’m slowly checking off all the house projects Jeff and I had planned, albeit with a bump here and there. Several projects in the works means the house is in a state of slight chaos.

Travis has a birthday party to go to tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll get the last two faucets replaced tomorrow and finally get the office organized. Jeff’s powder, bullets, brass etc are being listed at Texas Hunting Forum. Get it while it’s hot.