Mouth Sores and Fatigue

April 27, 2013 in Lymphoma by Jeffry Reed

Been a while huh.

Honestly I’ve been too tired to type. The last couple of days have seen the cloud bank that was enshrouding my mind lifted, and the need to sleep continuously has gone by the wayside. At least I’ll be awake for the birthday I didn’t think I was going to make it to.

It’s frustrating to sleep 10 hours, get up, and feel like you need another 12. Sleep I did though. Lots of it. The effects of the first chemo dose are starting to wear down and while I’m tired and sore, the fatigue is slowly subsiding so I can keep my eyes open long enough to do things for a change…like stare at my mouth sores.

I never knew that chemo caused open sores in your mouth and caused the skin to peel off. I have strips coming off and it’s like I bit the inside of my mouth all over…..

I’ll take it. That means the chemo is working and it’s a great excuse to have strawberry shakes 🙂 Or strawberry cheesecake shakes…..

I wished I had more to report….I had my PET scan Tuesday and no results yet. I was pretty sick Wednesday night and my blood lab on Thursday showed my white blood cells were wiped out and they put me on Levaquin for the next 10 days.

I’m sill having night sweats, although not as bad, I still wake up with a wet pillow…I’ll be so happy when that is over.

Oh….I’ve been craving protein. Chicken wings lol, I can’t get enough. And Pork Chops…..craving them at an insane level. My body needs meat. I guess that is a good sign as well.

I sure miss everybody……it’s only been a couple of weeks….in a few more weeks I’ll be climbing the walls.