No news is good news

February 12, 2014 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Nothing is going on really, so that’s a good thing. No drama is a very good thing!

I closed on the mortgage re-fi this morning. One less worry there.The odd thing was, the person handing me the mound of paperwork had a special doodad on his finger for flipping through the pages. It was not a usual rubber grippie finger like I’ve seen before. This guy seemed to really relish in flipping through the pages so fast with his finger doodad. I just imagined Jeff sitting next to me and giving me a funny look in reference to the fanatical page flipping. It made me smile to myself.

Wonderful Carlos fixed the popcorn ceiling in the master bathroom. Travis did final inspection and he approved 🙂 New water heater is in. Taxes are done. Bought a couple bar stools and assembled them. Changed out two bathroom faucets – only three to go. I’ll be scrubbing the front door to prep for a new finish and new hardware. I’m pondering painting some rooms. Working hard. Working out at the gym again – I think I’ll actually make it to all three classes this week.

Travis’s class has been working on biography projects for the past couple weeks and the big presentation is tomorrow. Travis’s person is Bessie Coleman. If you’ve never heard of her (I hadn’t), Google her. She was one determined woman!! And that’s your homework for tonight…

Love to all 🙂