One down!

April 18, 2013 in Lymphoma by adminrcr

First dose of chemo is done and Jeff did well! He had no nausea or ill effects, thanks to the pre-medication. They start the drugs – cyclophosphamide, hydroxydoxorubicin, and oncovin – one at a time. The hydroxydoxorubicin (aka red devil) is added last. That’s the doozy drug. Actually turns your pee red. He was told that though he feels okay now, he’ll feel the full effects and may get knocked on his butt in eight to ten days.

The next dose will be in three weeks. Two weeks after that he’ll get a CT to check for tumor shrinkage. If there is response, he’ll continue on this course of treatment. We’re looking at six to eight rounds, followed by radiation.

Jeff will be getting a juicer and we’ll be dreaming up all kinds of lovely concoctions to get rid of toxins and help his body recover from chemo.

This was a thankfully uneventful day 🙂

Visitors today: Dr. McDonald, Dr. Burk, Dr. Gleason, Dr. Suri, Carla Peveto, Robin Hall, Sondra Simpson