March 30, 2014 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

I have some yard projects that need to be addressed… Hoping someone can put me in touch with someone to handle them or come help me with them. I have at least four fence posts that are broken and I’d like to replace with metal posts.

I planned to mow today, but the mower is not cooperating. I’ve added oil, cleaned the spark plug, added gas (it sat all last year with whatever remaining gas it had from the last mowing), cleaned the air filter. It won’t even cough. Could take it to Kyle’s Bike & Mower shop.

I have two large juniper bushes at the front entry that need to go. I don’t know why we even planted them. Jeff was allergic to them! I think they’re a security risk too.

I can pay in beer and pizza/wings, or cash… and a huge thank you