November 4, 2013 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

I’m being lazy and copying my post from another forum here. This is from early this morning. It’s been a long day and I’m going to bed.

Guys and gals, there’s been a situation. Jeff is now stable, but in the ICU. I brought him into the ER last night because he felt weak and that he needed blood. His back was also hurting, so he got pain meds and fluids. A chest x-ray also showed what looks like pneumonia, so they added more antibiotics. He was just settling in, and about to get blood and platelets when I left him at 2 this morning. The nurse called me back to the hospital at about 5:30, saying there had been a change in his condition. One of our critical care docs and friend, Dr Razack, is on call and told me that evidently he vomited and aspirated, then arrested. CPR was done and he is now intubated and on a ventilator. What he vomited looked like blood, so he’s bleeding from somewhere. He’ll get another three units of blood soon and the platelets.

We’re all praying for him. We are so blessed by your thoughts and prayers, from our brothers and sisters we’ve never even met. Keep ’em coming.