Small Update

September 14, 2013 in Lymphoma by Jeffry Reed

Dr. Hagemeister will be my Oncologist in Houston.

He’s an older doctor and very experienced with Burkitt’s lymphoma.

It’s not a last resort thing, there are other options.

[link to]

My life is in his hands.

I’m not scared anymore. I’m worried, but I truly believe I will live a long life. I’m just going to have to go through hell to get there. The bone marrow transplant has me scared. I will have to do that. No way around that now……

It’s my understanding this really high dose of chemo I have been on…..well I guess there is a super duper uber extreme dose.

Technically they can’t give me anymore than my body can handle, and this last dose had my blood in the crapper. My road is longer and harder than it was a few weeks ago but I never seem to take the easy road in life. I don’t know why I have to be so difficult.

Nobody knows what the future holds but I have the best friends on the planet and incredible understanding bosses/doctors…. if things don’t work out in the end I can be happy knowing I was loved and cared for. I’m not really even sad anymore…….I have ya’ll and my family and I feel content tonight.

I’m going to Houston and they are going to get a grip on this stupid tumor and things are going to turn around and I’ll be back to work soon.

That’s my plan.