Such is life…

February 23, 2016 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

Just when you’re sitting back, sipping the lemonade you made out of the lemons you “stumbled upon”, things take a turn. I’ll soon have more free time to work on projects around the house, focus on the kids, exercise, and do whatever I damn well please, I guess. I’ll do lots of painting, maybe even tackle my home office. THAT is a major project! I’ll get myself and the girls geared up for our trip to Italy this summer.  I’ll nudge the girls ever so slightly forcefully to get jobs. We’ll see movies, go to the park, do fun stuff. Oh, wait, the girls drive now. They may not want to hang out with me. Sooooo, maybe it’ll just be me and Travis. I’ll dream up great, fun, exhausting things to do in my forthcoming free time.

The reason for my impending free time is that the boyfriend, aka my fourth child/Travis’s playmate, is taking a deployment. Don’t worry! We’ll be fine! Good grief, we were fine for a year before he came along. It’s just that he’ll be gone a long time. I worry for him because of where he’ll be. Travis is very resilient so I don’t think he’ll be terribly heartbroken, but things have been going well with him and the BF. And with me and the BF. (The girls and the BF? Notsomuch, but they’re tolerant.) We’ve settled into some semblance of domesticity. It’s like my glass of lemonade has been knocked over. My fault, I put it down. One of the cats likely toppled it. I have enjoyed having a partner. Someone who cares about me and Travis and even the girls. Wow. The girls sound like monsters, but they’re really not. They’re just naturally resistant. I know it could be a lot worse. It’s nice to have someone in my corner. A sounding board. A voice of reason. A cheerleader. A shoulder and warm hug. Well, he’s not dropping off the planet for Pete’s sake. We’ll still talk. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Anywho… Travis had an appointment with the wonderful folks at Texas Scottish Rite today. His funky little feet were deemed normal for him. He walks with a bit of a sashay, which was also deemed normal for him. He runs with flare – again, normal for him. He’s doing very well from his initial days of very tangled feet.