Thank you.

April 19, 2013 in Lymphoma by adminrcr

It’s me Jeff.

I’m home and doing well. I can’t thank everybody enough for the love and support. It really warmed my heart.

It takes a lot to scare me and I’ll admit, I was scared to death. Driven to tears, emotional, and pretty upset. I was in a tremendous amount of pain the first few days, confused, and worried to death.

Everybody that saw me, talked to me, texted me did wonders. It’s incredible how I was able to gather all the love and support and fight back the fears.

I now feel safe, and in the end happy. Like I was wrapped in a warm blanket and held tight. All the doctors were so key in helping me understand I can beat this and will come out O.k. I feel very fortunate to work for TPCCC. I have seen another side of the doctors that I knew existed, but never saw first hand. To care that much and keep giving is a human trait I admire, look up to, and will always respect. Patient after patient they do this and they had so much for me when It was my turn. Thank you all. It’s an honor to know you all in another way.

My friends were key to making me feel loved and not alone.

I’m a much happier and better person because of this and y’all. I’ve found beauty in everybody and everything looks brighter and sweeter. I feel so safe, so comfortable, and so loved. The caring and prayers are so appreciated. Y’all really came through. I can’t thank you enough.

I’m tired and sore, and I feel really fat, and I know the Chemo sickness is coming, but I know I am not alone and that means so much. I don’t have to be alone in this and that means everything.

Again, thank you and I love all of you.