Well that effing sucks

May 1, 2013 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed

Jeff had lab work and we saw Dr Oommen today. Good news: his bloodwork is looking good, hemoglobin is on the rise, white blood cells are normal again. He’s had some pretty good days, looking and feeling better. Bad news: the FISH test shows two Burkitt’s chromosomes which means this is not just aggressive lymphoma, it’s highly aggressive. The PET scan shows multiple loops of the small intestine involved, but also the pancreas and some mesenteric  lymph nodes. Treatment will change from R-CHOP to hyper CVAD. Hyper CVAD is infused over a few days and requires hospitalization. He’ll be back in the hospital next Monday through Friday, then home for a couple weeks, back in the hospital for five days, home for a week or two, and so on for eight treatments.

So those are the facts. Jeff’s initial response was to drop the f-bomb, then immediately apologize to Dr Oommen. This just effing sucks. He was sailing smoothly on R-CHOP and hoped that would do the trick. He’s allowed one day to have a pity party, but then he must move on and face what must be done. And it MUST be done.

He’s understandably bummed about this new development. He even feels bad for me ‘because I have to drive him around everywhere’. Really? It’s the least I can do. He’s got the hard job here. Tomorrow we go back to thinking positively – it’s still highly treatable, all Dr Oommen’s Burkitt’s patients are still alive, and only one had a bone marrow transplant but not due to Burkitt’s. All in all, this adds up to a few months of his life which will really suck, then he’ll be in remission. He’s strong and will get through this – though sprinkled with just a few F-bombs 🙂