What cancer?

May 10, 2013 in Lymphoma by Reta Reed


Mickie, Melinda, Ginny

We had a nice visit with our TPCCC sisters this evening (aren’t they beautiful!?!). It’s so nice to put cancer in the background for a while. Just chillin’ with good friends, good wine, nice weather.

He's not spoiled!

He’s not spoiled!

We really should make it a point to get together with friends more often. We (I) tend to focus on cleaning the house, tending to the yard, getting things “presentable”…superficial things. I remember, and will try more to take to heart, a poem I read long ago — “Dust if you must“. I think Susan Webb shared that with me. In short, it states my house is messy and dusty because I’m busy enjoying life. So screw it if visitors see loads of wrinkled laundry yet to be put away, dirty dishes in the sink (or hidden in the oven), a dust bunny here and there. Life is short! Someone once said they wouldn’t bother the dust bunnies “until they actually started negotiating with the Russians for weapons”! Of course there is a happy medium — we won’t live in squalor, but we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

Friends do wonders. Jeff continues to show me how awesome he is and how he has touched so many. Sometimes he really has no filter. Sometimes I think he talks too much. But who cares? I’m honored to be his wife and share in his journey.