Yup, I’m losing my hair

May 3, 2013 in Lymphoma by Jeffry Reed

So I was scratching my head tonight and noticed there was hair everywhere. So I grabbed a clump of hair on my head and pulled….no effort at all, and there was a wad o’ hair. VIDEO: Bye-bye Hair

I guess that question has been answered……”Will I lose my hair?”

Yes I will, and I am. I guess my eyebrows and everything are on the chopping block……..will I lose my eyelashes too? Looks like it. Google says so…and if it’s on the internet it must be true 😛

And I’m losing my hair on the easy dose of chemotherapy too……I’m going to get a much bigger dose in the hospital. I’ll lose arm and leg hair….eyebrows…….If the RCHOP dose makes me lose hair, the HYPER/CVAD is gonna wipe it all out.

At least I won’t have to shave for a while….I guess beard hair is part of that as well.

I was hoping to keep what little head hair I had left. Everybody responds differently….I’ll just be bald like I was in basic training for the Army. This time the mission is for me, not my country. I’m sitting here looking at this clump of hair and it sure makes it real. I don’t want to lose my hair….I don’t want cancer either. It is what it is and I have to play the hand I was dealt.

I’m still a bit bummed about having to go back to the hospital but I have a friend in Dallas with some major connections for some really cool gun ranges. He called today and really perked me up. When I get better, I get a free schoolin’ on how to shoot 1000 yards with extreme accuracy. It’s something to live for …I can tell you that. Anybody can shoot targets up to 300 yards with ease…..past 600 it gets very tough.

1000 yards and beyond takes a lot of skill and a proper education. I can hardly wait. I can focus on that instead of losing my hair…….it must be wimpy hair anyhow. If one dose of chemo kicked its butt I needed to grow better hair anyhow.

I’ll just get rid of this wimpy crap and grow some better hair later. 🙂